Reasons for Filing in Canada

  1. Productive and cost effective Patent Prosecution;
  2. Late entry into the national phase (42 months);
  3. 6 months office action response term;
  4. 1 year reinstatement procedures and extensions available;
  5. 1 year grace period for prior disclosures directly or indirectly from the inventors or the applicant;
  6. PCT standard unity;
  7. Options for Expedited Examination through Advanced Examination or Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH);
  8. Patent examination may be delayed by delaying the request for examination until 5 years (or 6 years with reinstatement) from filing date to benefit from prosecution in other jurisdictions;
  9. Sizeable Canadian market with options for patent enforcement;
  10. Permissive divisional practice;
  11. No excess claims fees (only excess page fees over 100 pages);
  12. No translation needed, if already drafted in/translated into English or French; and
  13. the Carbon Patent Group