Since the inception of the Carbon Patent Group, our systems have been virtual for all agents and support staff.  All of our agents and support team regularly work from home and are very accustomed to and comfortable with virtual interfaces.  Furthermore, our geographic locations form a convenient distributed network.      

With very few exceptions (i.e. where paper copies are required), we operate a paperless system, where we utilize electronic file management, accounting, messaging and meeting systems.  We also use electronic filing systems to file and prosecute Canadian and PCT applications, as well as U.S. applications through our U.S. associate firms, whenever possible. 

Therefore, although we are temporarily closing our physical office in Bradford, Ontario effective March 24, 2020, in support of the Ontario government's self-isolation measures, our firm remains open for business and our operations will continue as usual.  The vast majority of our incoming correspondence is received in electronic form and will not be affected by our physical office closure.  We also have arrangements in place to ensure that we continue receiving and processing all paper mail (e.g., original issued patents) during our physical office closure.

We will continue to monitor current patent office statuses, which may be found here(You may have to refresh your browser if you have viewed a previous version of this page.)

The Carbon Patent Group welcomes any questions that you may have and we extend our best wishes in these trying times.